Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Supplying tasty fruits & vegetables to the world 

At Berryland, we are a leading frozen fruits and vegetables export company dedicated to providing our customers with convenient, high-quality, and nutrition-packed produce year-round. With a strong focus on quality, innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the preferred choice for frozen fruits and vegetables, providing convenient and nutritious options to consumers around the globe.


Berryland offers a very reliable trucking service from and to all destinations, as time is the most important factor in shipping activity so we are always on time, your cargo will be always in safe hands, whatever you need, we will always be ready.

Custom Clearance

We offer a comprehensive custom clearance service, ensuring smooth and easy custom clearance for all our customers, so that they receive their goods on time, Handling all the trade compliance and procedures


We offer shipping Services that include Import & Exportof Sea Cargo, Multi-modal Transshipment, Break bulk cargo services and Chartering brokering for container. Our time-bound service is designed to meet your just-in-time requirements.

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